NLO Stickbait Blanks - very limited stock

NLO Stickbait Blanks - very limited stock

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Simple design with features in mind. ABS Plastic, tail weighted, casts a mile. Long sweep of the rod cause the lure to dive and kick. Fish with a single hook on the tail for added action. Comes fully wired with upgraded swivel, no hooks. Base coat of white paint is ready for your paint job or JigSkinz application. Available in 3 sizes:

 105 gram/4oz.- fits XL size JigSkinz

     -recommended hooks BKK 5/0 belly 9/0 single tail or 4/0 treble for both 

80 gram/3oz.- fits L size JigSkinz

     -recommended hooks BKK 4/0 and 9/0 single or BKK 3/0 trebles for both

55 gram/2oz.- fits M size JigSkinz

     -recommended hooks BKK 1/0 trebles and 7/0 tail hook.

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