Collection: Custom Trolling Lures

Introducing the new Gary Longley FISH ART series of trolling lures by BONZE.



For the initial release I have chosen one of the most successful lures from Bonze Lures extensive range and added my own artistic flair to create a lure that not only looks awesome but are proven fish catchers. 

The cup faced pusher ‘BTK’ design is handmade by Graeme ‘Bonze’ Fleet himself, two time winner of the prestigious Billfish Foundation Award (2008 and 2009) and who has made a name for himself as a professional Skipper and master lure maker over the last 20+ years. 

The design of these lures has evolved from years of R&D in New Zealand, Hawaii, Cape Verde and the Azores and under guidance of some of the master lure makers from around the globe, producing enviable results. 

Hand poured using the latest special UV additives in the lure resin and skirts, these lures are made to the absolute highest quality, and I am proud to put my name on Bonzes lures.

Make sure to put one in your spread this season.

Please allow 4 weeks delivery