Collection: Scale Rulers

WEIGH the LENGTH of your fish!!

No more guessing - Measures the weight of your fish.  Ideal for releasing fish or when no scales are available.

SCALE RULERS are a must for any serious fisho that wants to release fish, or if kept and doesn’t have access to scales, to quickly and accurately get an estimate of the weight of the species.

Made from Clearcoated 900gsm Vinyl for minimal stretch durability, the SCALE RULER has been designed with accuracy, clarity, durability, and ease of use in mind.

Thre Striped Marlin and Southern Bluefin Tuna versions come with Stainless Rings at each end for ease of attaching to a gaff or tag pole while the fish is alongside while getting a weight/length reading and photo before release.

CARE: To keep your SCALE RULER in top condition, rinse in fresh water after use.

DO NOT fold or crease.  Loosely roll (so it lays flat when unrolled), and store out of direct sunlight.

Made in NZ